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Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
Music Ministry
Ministry of Care

Funeral Luncheons


An Altar Server's duties consist of assisting the Priest during mass.

    An active member of the parish community who is fully initiated into the Catholic faith.
    An ability to express reverence and service through a quiet attention to duties.
    An ability to pay attention and remember the procedures during each part of mass.

The following youth/adults have generously volunteered their time as Altar Servers for St. Anthony's Parish:   

AngelinaFournier Emma Fournier George Nason Damon Madison Curtis Knapton
Andy&TonyPenk Anthony Conant Carol Conant Grace Conant Paul Concannon
Nick Minor Josh Minor Albert Doyon Doug Herman Hannah Herman
Brielle Merrifield John Merrifield Larry Owens Gerry Lizotte  
Haley Plante Chelsea Plante Morgan Reilly Shannon Reilly  

If interested in becoming an Altar Server, please call the St. Anthony Parish office at


The Eucharistic Minister distributes the most Holy Eucharist under the appearance of bread and wine to the communicants of St. Anthony's Parish.

    Have an attitude of loving service
    Must have received the sacrament of Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation
    Must be a registered member of the parish

The following have been selected to serve as our Eucharistic Ministers:

4 PM Mass-------- Judith Anderson William & Cindy Aube Ruth Chretian Elizabeth Coughlin
Leo Daniel Al Doyon Judith Doyon Marilyn Foster Steve Gagnon
Phyillis Gould Germaine Grant Earl Hegarty Greg & Trudy Jones Aline Lizotte
Gerry Lizotte Alda Roy Leo Tetreault Robert Usher Maryann Usher
8:30 AM Mass----- Rosalie Aube Jane Boddy Patricia Boucher John & Kathleen Boyden
Rachel Burke William Burke Carol & Larry Caron Lisa Champagne Russ Champagne
Carol Conant Julie Crandall Cynthia Crockett Tara Herman Harry & Jeanne Leclair
Mark&DonnaLeclair Judith Lefebvre Alphee Lefebvre Vivian Mendoza Mr.Mrs. Kirkwood Malloy
Walter Parker Tony Plante Priscilla Poitras Robert Poitras Mary Richards
Sharon Seger Patricia Tanguay Gene Tanguay Debra Traugh  
11 AM Mass------ Louise Bushey Katherine Foye Mary Gallant Helen & Joseph Godin
Bernadette Gratto Catherine payne Paul Payne Stephen Pesce Richard Poitras
Patricia Rodney Ed Taylor Ruth Thompson Peggy Wintle  

Please see Father Reggie if you are interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister.


Organ/Keyboard Guitar
Judith Ferrante Larry Garvey
Nancy Edstrom Bruce LeBeau
Louis Phillippe Nate Sanborn
Kim Tilton Gabriella Latini Cathy Ball
Joan Dube Rita Smith Ed Morin
Choir/Folk Group      
Rosalie Aube Kim Tilton Mary Hall Jan Foster
Claire Garvey Donna Higgins Al Francoueur Jerry Drouin
Alda Roy Liz Tanguay Ed Morin Gail Sanborn
Gary Sanborn Rita Smith Jean O'Keefe Gabriella Latini
Paul Emery Rick Silver Marie Silver Andrew Silver
Grace Conant Cathy Ball Joan Dube

The objective of the Music Ministry is to proclaim God's word using meaningful music and song.  The responsibilities are to support celebration on a regular basis and prepare for your ministry role (i.e. cantor, choral member or instrumentalist)

    Past experience is not required for general choral work. 
    Specific music capabilities are needed for cantor, soloists, and instrumentalists.
    Length of commitment of one year or for holidays.

Days & Times Needed - Regular rehearsals, weekend Masses, holidays, and special Liturgies with rehearsal.

Training - On-going rehearsals and optional music workshops, when offered.


A Lector proclaims the scripture readings with conviction, meaning, and clarity.  They will be a herald of good news of Jesus Christ at weekend, Holy day, and other liturgies.

Voice suitable for presentations
Catholic Christian conviction founded on committed relationship with Christ
Desire to grow in that relation through studying and praying the word
Desire to make that word come alive in the liturgy for the parish community
Commitment to obtain and improve one's oral interpretation (Lectoring) skills through workshops and ongoing         practice.

The following people are serving as Lectors for St. Anthony's Parish:

Erland Cutter Judith Doyon Paul Emery
Katherine Foye Stephen Gagnon Gregory Knapton
Germaine McAtee Francine and Kyah Morrissette George Nason
Tony Plante Susan Rossignol Ann Siefring
Ed Taylor    


A Greeter is a person who greets the parishioners at the door and is available to assist the parishioners if they have any problems.

    Enjoys meeting people
    Extend a welcoming hand in the name of the church
    Person should be outgoing

The following people serve as greeter for St. Anthony's Parish:   

Kathy Begos Theresa Brackett and kids Dan Brady
Teresita Cardona Marie Carroll Ted & Adrianne Desveaux
June Doyle Collette Day Fournier Family
Joan Hodgdon Priscilla Hebert Carmen Girard
Nathan, Gagne and Trina Hawkes Linda and Richard Julian Edmund and Velma Labrecque
Elba Parr  Richard and Sylvia Payeur Terry Patten
Lori Rogers Pauline Rogers Paul and Janice Roy

If interested in becoming a Greeter, please contact the Chairperson June Doyle


The Ministry of Care are representatives from the St. Anthony's Parish who reach out to members of the parish community who are unable to attend Mass. The Ministry of Care reaches out to these members by bringing them the Eucharist or just visiting.   They cover several locations and residents, including the Barron Center, Springbrook, St. Joseph's Manor, Vet's Home, Fall Brook, Larrabee Village, Dolly Farm, and Private Homes.

    A person who is comfortable and at ease with the sick and dying
    A person who has a lot of patience
    A person who has a strong commitment to fulfill their duties

The following people serve as Ministry of Care:

Laura Anderson Lorraine Belanger Patricia Boucher Fern Bougie
Louise Bushey Alexander Fortin Marilyn Foster (Chair) Carolyn Gilman (Chair)
Helen Godin Joe Godin Anne Griffiths Patricia King
Mary Ann Landry   Eleanor Mavadones Sharon Mckeeman
Walter Parker Tony Plante Bob Poitras Bev Swett
Maryann Usher Bob Usher Terry Wildes  

If you would like to join this ministry, please call Carolyn Gilman at 854-4763 or Marilyn Foster at her home. They will be glad to assist you with any questions or perhaps arrange an appointment to visit you.


The Funeral Luncheon Ministry is comprised of parishioners who wish to give support to the families who have lost a loved one by cooking and/or serving at our funeral luncheons.  Parishioners are reimbursed for food purchased to cook and volunteers are invited to eat at the luncheon after attendees are served.

    A person who wishes to bake or cook for the funeral and can have it delivered the day of the funeral
    A person who wishes to help in serving, fellowship, and care for the family during the funeral luncheon

The following people serve as the Funeral Luncheon Ministry:

Gerry Lizotte, Leader  854-5938
Ted Desveaux, Leader  854-4224

Alice Arsenault Lucile Caron Margie Caron Lisa & Russ Champagne
Claudette Deroche Ted & Adrienne Desveaux Ron & Betty Doak Judy Doyon
Jeanne Dwyer Paul Emery Priscilla Hebert Florence LeBlanc
John Lizotte Larry Lizotte Mark Lizotte Aline & Gerry Lizotte
Mary Dottie McQuirk Richard Payeur Pat Poulin Donna Testa

Carmel Girard, Leader 854-4195
Angie Francoeur, Leader 854-5947

  Connie Bois Jim & Ellen Burrill Carol Caron
Dolores Champagne   Ida Dugas Claudette Fearon
Marilyn Foster Angie Francoeur Steve Gagnon Carmen Girard
Helen Godin Mary Leclerc Phil Leclerc Estelle Mailhot
Cindy Murphy Colette Pelletier Pat Thomas  

Bob Poitras, Leader 854-4789
Rosalie Aube, Leader 854-8019

Rosalie Aube Tena Beal Kathryn Begos Michelle Blais
Tina Driscoll Shirley Gaudet Jackie Giebert Nancy Gilbert
  Patrick & Donald Kopacz Dollie Landry Maureen LeBeau
Nancy Lentz Jane Mailhot Karen O'Leary Walter Parker
Bob Poitras Patricia Rodney Wendy St. Pierre Lorraine Sullivan
Pat Tanguay Carol Tedford    


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