Parish of
St. Anthony of Padua

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Because of the shortage of priest and nuns, commission work within the parish community is becoming increasingly important. The role of lay people within the church is changing and this new role demands a greater ownership by the people of our parish and for other parishes.

Lay parishioners now have to relieve the priest of many duties in order for the priest to respond to the call of the Lord, to meet the demands of the Gospel, and to carry out the mission of the church. Following Jesus means to serve others and being on a commission is an opportunity to serve.



The purpose of this Commission is to develop stronger bonds within the parish and to make Jesus Christ the center of all activities within this Christian community. This commission is supporting the heart of the Christian Community: the family. It should assist those families encountering difficulties. Good Communications based on love and truth among all parishioners is imperative in building the local Church. An ever growing number of people should become involved in the life and activities of the parish. The parish will thus become a home for the parishioner, a community in which he/she finds nourishment, motivation, support so that he/she may truly become" the salt of the earth and the light of the world".

This commission is responsible for:
                Deepening the sense of togetherness with the parish community
                Surveys to obtain views of parishioners.
                Programs for the widowed, separated and divorced persons
                Parish outings
                Welcoming new parishioners
                Receptions and other actions of hospitality.


This commission's purpose is to infuse the Spirit of Christ into the laws, attitudes, and morals of the community. Parishioners, through personal dedication to the community of man, should strive to alleviate human suffering and even more important, to eliminate the causes of social problems.

Some of the responsibilities of this commission are:
                Help at the Food Pantry
                Mission Boxes
                Make up and deliver food baskets during holidays.


This commission's purpose is to nurturing the faith of the parishioners and for planning the prayer life of the parish. This is done through liturgical celebrations, prayer experiences, and spiritual growth programs.

Some of the responsibilities of this commission are:
                Study the needs of the community
                Prepare for the liturgical celebrations
                Prepare for the music, the environment
                Plan retreats and/or retreats for special groups
                Provide information for all liturgical ministers


Finance Council works on plans for assuring the necessary material resources, land, building, and finances that will enable the parish to carry on the work of Christ.

Some of the tasks of the Finance Council are:
                Preparing and presenting an annual budget
                Reviewing income and expenditures
                Report to parish on the financial condition of the church
                To stimulate greater financial responsibility by the members of the parish